Little Twinkle Preschool Ltd.

Little Twinkle Preschool has been operating in the West Abbotsford area since 2003. Our employees are fully qualified and wonderful Early Childhood Educators and we strongly believe in the ‘learning through play’ philosophy.

Please feel free to explore our website. You will find information about our morning and afternoon preschool programs for children aged three and four. You will also find information about our Out of School Care option, Dance Club, and summer camps. Please feel free to call the preschool at 604.614.5562 for any further information or any questions.

Why is preschool important for your child?

Preschool is important for three year olds so they can learn separation: learning to trust and feel safe and secure with other adults, and socialization. Preschool is important for four year olds as it prepares teh children for kindergarten. Children develop a longer attention span, increased listening skills, learning to follow through on instructions, meeting expectations and learning by theme and cognitive skill. Alphabet, Phonics, colours, shapes, counting, pre-writing, literature, math and science are a part of every theme.

By Little Twinkle Preschool